BRAINetwork is a project implemented by the team Foundation of the Cracow University of Economics. It is to develop links between entities interested in sharing and exchanging resources and achieving synergy effects applicable to their activities.

The undertaking is addressed both to enterprises, public institutions and NGO, as well as individuals. On the basis of our own experience, competences and capabilities, we want to implement projects and activities aimed at long-term effect, first offering access to physical and intellectual resources gathered and developed by the University of Economics in Krakow, both employees, students and graduates. We will also aim to combine the resources of all entities interested in cooperation based on mutual needs, expectations and proposed undertakings.

This scalable and dynamic project is based on several years of experience of the UEK Foundation gained in the implementation of many projects and contacts with the scientific and economic environment. We want to base our activities on a network of voluntary connections to create an innovative environment according to the Living Lab concept and sharing economy, promoting the idea of ​​sustainable development based on economic and social innovations. As a public benefit organization, we want to act for the development of science, propagation of knowledge and conscious and active civic attitudes.

We invite all interested parties to cooperate and share their resources that can contribute to the development of their own and other interested entities. Detailed rules and how to join our network can be found on our website.

Do you want to join the BRAINetwork Expert Team? – please contact us

Do you want to use our potential and experience? – we invite you to cooperation

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