is for business entities that have, on the one hand, high material potential, but on the other hand, many needs and problems that require solutions. Today’s economy is based on cooperation, co-creation of value and sharing of resources. Participation in gives the opportunity to all its participants to achieve their business goals, while taking into account the development of other entities. Sustainable development understood in this way thanks to effective synergy contributes to the realization and enlargement of common values. encourages cooperation mainly from entrepreneurs and companies that:

  • are interested in propagating and developing the assumptions of,
  • would like to support our undertaking in a substantive and financial way,
  • they have specific ideas for using the common potential of a synergistic network effect,
  • they are looking for entities from the business environment and the scientific community to implement their own projects,
  • they want to take part in projects and projects carried out by other network participants,
  • are interested in financing start-up projects or developing existing enterprises,
  • would like to take part in crowdfud-based projects,
  • have the opportunity and the need to carry out joint research projects within the framework of project student groups or projects carried out with research workers,
  • have a list of problems and topics that can be implemented by student project groups, scientific research teams or constitute a basis for the preparation of diploma or master theses,
  • have the need and the possibility to implement internships and internships,
  • they want to share their knowledge and experience with students and research workers as part of meetings and lectures. is a chance to create a common co-operation space that has become the driving force of the most developed economies in the world.

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