The idea of ​​cooperation and sharing economy is best understood by non-profit organizations. This project is directed at them. The experience gained as part of various projects of the University of Economics Foundation allow you to establish closer relationships with other organizations of this type in the country and abroad. is on the one hand a chance to combine common resources, and on the other, the opportunity to implement larger projects based on the potential of many organizations. It is also a chance for various ideas, ideas and the possibility of engaging various types of private entities, both private and public. We encourage organizations, in particular, to:

  • they want to share their resources and exchange them with other organizations,
  • they have ideas that require cooperation of many entities,
  • they have to offer internships, apprenticeships or jobs for people who want to develop in such organizations,
  • they want to raise funds for their own development and people whom they support,
  • they want to conduct training and educational activities that propagate the idea of ​​voluntarism, help people in a difficult position, counteracting various kinds of exclusion, community activities and civic attitudes.

Public institutions counts heavily on the participation of public institutions at various levels in activities aimed at broadly understood local and regional development based on the cooperation of many stakeholders. The invitation is addressed primarily to institutions that:

  • are interested in support from the scientific community in the implementation of their statutory tasks,
  • have the need and the possibility of offering internships and student internships,
  • implement or intend to implement projects that require support and cooperation with participants,
  • want to share their experience and knowledge about the public sphere and issues related to citizenship issues,
  • they have ideas for joint education, training or research projects. is a new quality in the integration of various entities that are key in the development of civil society.

Are you a representative of a local government unit? State Institution? Or maybe the Foundation / Association?

We invite you to cooperate in sharing knowledge and values

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