bases its idea of ​​acting on knowledge and experience, therefore its participants must be people from the world of science and those who value knowledge and feel the need to explore unexplored areas, in particular:

  • they have the knowledge and skills needed in business practice,
  • they have ideas for research projects and are looking for partners or sources of financing,
  • they have to offer specific services, e.g. training, consulting,
  • they are looking for project teams or people for projects they create,
  • You would like to involve their students in cooperation with business practice, e.g. in the framework of classes or diploma and master seminars,
  • You would like to popularize the science and discipline in which they specialize, would like to participate in the development of scientific and popular science journals,
  • they are interested in publishing the results of their scientific, didactic and research works.

Participation in is a chance for personal development and raising the value of the scientific unit and the university itself.

Are you an expert? Do you want develop and you are ready for new challenges – we invite you to cooperation

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