The potential and opportunities of young people are the basis of their personal development and the strength of  economy. BRAINetwork gives you great opportunities to implement your own ideas combined with the effect of a network of connections between various entities. It is also a place to find inspiration, an opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills needed during studies and further professional work. In we invite students who in particular:

  • they have an idea for their own business and seek advice and / or sources of financing,
  • they want to continue and develop their own experience and organizational skills,
  • they have an idea for an interesting commercial or non-commercial project that requires institutional support,
  • they are looking for a place of apprenticeship or internship,
  • are looking for entities interested in cooperation in the field of writing diploma and master theses,
  • they are looking for entities interested in implementing group research projects within the framework of activities carried out at the university,
  • would like to show work for other volunteers in need,
  • they are looking for a casual job as part of projects implemented by the UEK Foundation or external entities,
  • they see their further career in a non-profit organization.
  • Regardless of the form of participation in projects carried out as part of, it is a chance for a valuable mark in your biography.

We also invite student organizations and scientific circles to cooperate. BRAINetwork is a structure whose evolution will follow its participants.

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Graduates are still underestimated by many universities in Poland. We want to change this and create, within, a place and opportunities for all those graduates, not only from UEK, who in particular:

  • they see the possibilities and the need to share their professional experience with current students and research workers, eg in the framework of Alumni Days,
  • have ideas for combining the opportunities offered by the academic environment with the needs and activities of the entities they manage or work in,
  • they want to get help in organizing the anniversary meetings of their friends from college,
  • they are interested in details and schedule of events and ventures, eg conferences organized by the UEK environment.

We invite you to contact us.

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