The priorities for the development of science in Poland assume the development of cooperation between the academic community and business/public institutions in the field of knowledge transfer and innovation, using synergy in mutual resources. The benefits of this type of cooperation can provide both universities, business entities and the entire economy with knowledge-based development and innovation.


The development of this type of cooperation to date has encountered many problems, the lack of mechanisms and mutually matching structures making it impossible to undertake joint initiatives. For many years, the UEK Foundation has been making efforts towards establishing relations with the economic environment and public institutions, which allow for the increasing involvement of the potential of EUK employees and students in the transfer of knowledge and pro-innovation activities.


In connection with the appearance of a number of initiatives to make this type of activity more dynamic, the UEK Foundation decided to work on a project called Living Lab  Center. The Center create a structure and mechanisms of cooperation based on material and intangible resources of interested entities, conducting promotional activity and ensuring integration and organizational support for implemented projects. The Center would also strive to develop its own intellectual and organizational potential ensuring stability and continuity in the long-term.

Principles of cooperation and action

The Living Lab Center would work in close cooperation with the UEK Science Department in the development of a formula and principles of engagement of both material resources (rooms, usable spaces) located on the UEK campus as well as intellectual resources in the form of research workers and students creating research and design teams. For entrepreneurs, this would mean the possibility of testing in new terms the concepts of new products, modifications of business processes and services, technological and IT solutions, mobile applications or new ways of communication. The idea of ​​LIving Lab fits into the assumptions of the development of the Economy 4.0 concept based on innovation and the transfer of knowledge and experience between various stakeholders involved in these processes.

Invitation to cooperate

This ambitious project requires the involvement of many entities and resources. That is why we turn to both individuals and business entities and institutions for intellectual and material support of this project. Establishing contact with us will enable us to provide information about the project’s progress and opportunities for engagement.

We are open to cooperation with other such ventures and entities with which we could jointly raise funds for these pro-development and pro-innovation activities.

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