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- Research for the market -

PROGRAMM 3.2.1. Research for the market
Start production based on R & D works

An innovative product is a new or significantly improved product or service. The improvement may concern technical characteristics, components, materials, embedded software and other functional features of the product. It is very important, however, that as a result of a significant improvement, the product has completely new features or functions that it did not have before. At the same time, they must result from previous research and development works.

The funds are intended for implementation of research projects in accordance with the slogan: “from idea to market”.

To create an innovation, you must carry out or commission research and development work, or acquire the results of R & D. The result must be the launch of new or significantly improved products (goods, services). You can also get funding for experimental development and consultancy. In order to receive co-financing, it is necessary to implement an innovative product.

Co-financing up to PLN 20 million (research, consulting and investment part) at the level of co-financing up to 70%. The cost of consultancy services is limited to 500,000. PLN, and experimental works up to 450 thousand. zł. The funds can be used, for example, for the purchase of machinery and equipment necessary to start the production of new products, as well as for the purchase of real estate or the construction of a new production line and halls.

- Innovation Product or Service -

Why is it worth working together? By joining a consortium, you agree to implement a common goal, so you must be open to long-term cooperation. If you are ready for it, do not hesitate and start working.

PROGRAM: 1.3.1. Implementation of innovations by SMEs for the preparation and implementation of an innovative product or service
As a micro, small and medium enterprise belonging to a supra-regional cooperation link that has been operating for at least a year (at least 5 companies cooperating in related industries, from at least two voivodships, including one from Eastern Poland), you can obtain co-financing.

Co-financing can be allocated to:

  • purchase of consultancy services in the field of preparation for implementation,
  • purchase of patent rights, know-how, licenses and other intangible property rights,
  • implementation including investments in the purchase, assembly and commissioning of machinery and equipment, production line or technology.

Selected requirements for applicants:

  • having the status of an SME,
  • in the last financial year, employing at least 5 employees,
  • revenues in the financial year not less than 600,000 PLN in the period of 3 years before submitting the application,
  • at least for 6 months, belonging to a supra-regional cooperative connection.

The minimum value of eligible expenses is PLN 1 million, and the maximum value of co-financing is as much as PLN 7 million. The co-financing level is up to 70% (investment aid) and up to 85% (purchase of consultancy services) of eligible expenses.

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